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Why advertising your page on Facebook is a complete waste of money

facebook advertising is a complete waste of money

If you’re thinking of promoting a company page on Facebook… don’t!  This video explaining why has very quickly gone viral:

Everyone knows that it’s a waste of time buying likes on Facebook.  But how would you feel if you paid Facebook to increase your following, only to find you have hindered your exposure on the platform?  A lot of people are in this situation.

When you create a post, Facebook will distribute it to a small number of people via their news feeds.  Then, depending on the level of engagement that post receives (i.e. the volume of likes, shares and comments), Facebook will distribute to more people.  The problem with artificial followers is that will like your page but not your posts – and if the rate of engagement with your post is lower, Facebook won’t continue to distribute it to followers.  This results in less engagement overall.  This is why buying likes doesn’t work.

So while a lot of people and businesses advertise through Facebook to get more likes, this video explains that promoting your page on Facebook has the same result as using buying likes from click farms.  You pay Facebook to promote your page and get more likes, but it doesn’t increase engagement in your pages, it actually reduces the amount of engagement.  And at this stage many companies will pay for further likes to try to increase engagement.

The video concludes with the following statement:

“Advertising your page on Facebook is a waste of money.  I wish Facebook would remove the fake likes from my page and all the others.  But that would mean admitting that they have generated significant ad revenue from clicks which weren’t genuine.  Which then suppressed the reach of pages with low engagement, forcing those pages to reach inauthentic fans.  So the truth is that Facebook benefits from maintaining this status quo.”