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How to HIGHLIGHT Google Search Results

chrome highlight

I often need to check how my websites are ranking.  The easiest way I have found to do this (other than using paid software) is by downloading an Extension for Google Chrome called Stylish and adding a bit of code. This will highlight your website in search results:


Here’s How to Do It:

  • Download Google Chrome
  • Download the Stylish Extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Enable Stylish then go into it and click on Write a New Style
  • Name your extension something memorable e.g. “Highlight My Website”
  • Enter the following in the sections Code and Applies to


  • Obviously you will need to replace ‘yourwebsite’ with the domain you wish to highlight
  • If you wish to change the colour of your highlighter enter a different colour code (bright colours work better because the stand out more)

You can also repeat the code for each website you wish to highlight, like this:


You will see results like this:


It’s a really useful way if identifying your website in a long list of results.  Although I chose the top 3 sites in the example above, it’s of particular use when you are looking for a site which isn’t on the first page or if you have a lot of sites to look for.

It’s a great way to keep an eye on your rankings – not to mention other people’s.