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How To Sync All Your Browser Settings in Chrome

chrome browser settings

This is so obvious that I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner.

I have 2 computers – a desktop and a laptop.  I use Chrome as my main internet browser on each machine.  Something which has always bugged me (until recently) was having to manage two separate lists for Bookmarks, History, Passwords and so on for each computer.

Fortunately, there is a simple setting (albeit rather well hidden!) which enables you to save all your browser settings, so when you log into Chrome all your History, Passwords and the like are retrieved.  No need to manage 2 separate lists.  Happy days!

It’s very simple to set up:

In Chrome, click on the Settings then Sign in to Chrome…chrome-sync

Then click on Advanced

And select the option to Sync Everything, or select the elements you wish to Sync

And Voilà‎!  Every time you sign in this way you will be able to access your entire search history.  This also applies when using Chrome on your mobile phone.