I am no longer actively blogging on this website.

I Think It’s Safe To Let My Guard Down

letting my guard down

I normally blog about things I do on a personal level with the occasional technology tip and a small amount about business thrown in.  Truth be told I have been itching to talk a lot more about my company, ReAgent, because I think it would be an interesting topic for me to write about and (hopefully) it would be an interesting topic for people to read about.

ReAgent Logo

Before now I have had a problem which has been preventing me from blogging more about ReAgent.  A competitor of ours has been copying lots of content from our company’s website and passing it off as their own work.  I figured that if they were copying the content off our website I should be pretty cagey about how much ‘behind the scenes’ information I divulge on my personal blog, so I’ve intentionally restrained how much I say about running my business for fear that anything I mention on this blog could be plagiarised, even if it’s just an idea or concept.

We have just won a copyright infringement case against this competitor and they have paid us a substantial sum in costs and damages.

The process we went through was a real learning curve for me.  I learned a lot about how the legal system works which I was not aware of.  I also learned about the roles played by Solicitors and Barristers.  I’ll be honest, the process was challenging at times, but I will take what I have learned from this with me in the future.

Here are some of the most valuable things I have learned.

Don’t Let People Steal Your Ideas

Theft is theft, be it theft of a physical object or a digital one.  Intellectual Property law exists for a reason and the law is there to protect businesses from underhand practices.  If you let people steal your ideas and you don’t do anything about it you are being a push over.  What’s to say they won’t do this again?  What’s to say someone else might do it?  Never let people steal your hard work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Action

Taking action is where many people fall down (in all areas of life) but nothing will happen without taking action.  Stand up for what you believe in.  The sooner you take action the sooner something happens.  In ReAgent’s case, we deliberated for some time before taking action against our competitor for fear of the cost both financially and in terms of effort.  In hindsight we should have moved faster.  One thing is for certain – if any other competitors look like they are doing the same we will be all over them straight away.

Always Use a Good Solicitor

We intentionally identified a top-notch Intellectual Property Solicitor to work with on our case.  The firm of solicitors we used was Pail Solicitors in London, which is led by Peter Adediran, an expert in IP law.  Although we could have used a local solicitor, or one with whom we had previously worked, we intentionally opted for an expert in the field.  It wasn’t the cheapest option but you get what you pay for – this is especially true of solicitors – and it made the entire process much easier.

Anyhow, I feel confident about ‘letting my guard down’ now so you can expect me to start blogging a lot more about my business.  After all, it’s my biggest passion and what I spend more time than anything else doing.