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My Influencers For 2015

Influencers for 2015

I watched a recent interview with Chris Ducker where he gave a brilliant tip for consuming online content.  As a result, I have massively reduced the number of influencers I am going to follow in 2015.

Chris Ducker will be one of my influencers for 2015

The internet gets bigger by the minute.  Nowadays, everyone seems to have their own Blog, or Podcast, or YouTube channel.  That’s on top of all the usual social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on.

Unfortunately… there is simply too much content for anyone to consume, despite our best efforts!

The solution is to focus.

Rather than try and consume content from as many sources as you can find (no matter how good they are) pick just three influencers each year and focus only on following these.  But follow them intensely – don’t just read their blogs – really focus on devouring all the content they put out over the course of the year.  Every video, every interview, every podcast.  And if they release any products (like a book, or an online course) purchase it and consume this as well.

This is brilliantly simple.  My personal and work email is bombarded with subscriptions to blogs, newsletters and RSS feeds.  This is my own doing/choosing but I am determined to change my ways.

With this in mind, I have decided that the three influencers I am going to follow in 2015 are:

Chris is my 'Business' influencer

1. Chris Ducker

I am following Chris Ducker because, like myself, he has his own business (called Virtual Staff Finder).  Much of the content he produces relates to how business owners can use the internet to grow, which is exactly what I want to do at ReAgent.  I intend to consume as much of Chris’s content as I can in 2015.


Oliver is my 'Lifestyle' influencer

2. Oliver Emberton

Similar to Chris, Oliver runs his own business (called Silktide) however he is also a gifted writer and generally a very interesting person.  I am following him mainly for the content on his personal blog, where he writes about “understanding and getting the most from life”.  While they are both businessmen, Oliver will provide a different perspective than Chris.


Head For Points - Rob (aka Raffles) from Head For Points is my 'Hobby' influencer

3. Head for Points

Head for Points is my favourite website.  I have followed it from the very beginning, since which it has grow to become the most popular websites in the UK dedicated to collecting Avios, aviation and related loyalty programs (something I do passionately!).


Each of these websites are authorities within their respective fields.  They are all very high-traffic websites with huge audiences, so I should learn about building website authority, on top of what I learn as a direct result of following each source.

I have made a note in my diary to review my progress following each source at the end of the year.  If I stay focussed, I may even be able to build a relationship with the people who run them.  Watch this space…