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Why The Jurassic World Marketing Team Have Done An Amazing Job

Jurassic World Marketing

The guys in the Jurassic World Marketing Department have done an amazing job

I won’t lie, I’m very excited about the new Jurassic World movie which is released today.  I saw the trailer the last time I was in the cinema and it looked amazing on the big screen.  The Jurassic World Marketing Department have clearly done an amazing job.  But it’s not just the trailer which makes me say this…

Jurassic World Release Date

The film has been released just in time for summer and I don’t think the timing could have been better.  It will appear a fortnight before the next blockbuster is released (Terminator: Genisys) and more than a month since the last ones (namely Mad Max: Fury Road and Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron).  This means it will have a decent chunk of time in the limelight and still have enough run-time to make it to the summer holidays.

Jurassic World Marketing - The guys in the Jurassic World Marketing Department have done an amazing job

By luck or (more likely) judgement the film has been released at a time which allows maximum attendance with minimal competition.  It’s hardly rocket science but this will have a huge impact on ticket sales.

The release date of (11th June, UK) has not been an accident. Take a look at the release dates for the previous films:

The original film was released on 11th June and achieved the highest sales.  The squeals were released May and July respectively but neither of these has performed as well as the original (yes, I know other variables are at play here and I discuss these in this post).  But my point is that Jurassic World was released at the same time as the original film i.e. around the middle of June.  The original film was by far the most successful.  This is not a coincidence.

Jurassic World Website

Every blockbuster movie now has an accompanying website but the Jurassic World website is far and away better than any film site I have ever seen.   JurassicWorld.com is a website for the fictitious theme park which gives users the impression that the park is in fact real (I do wonder if anyone has genuinely been caught out by this?)

Jurassic World Website - The website brings Jurassic World to life beyond the cinema screen

Someone has clearly sunk a lot of time and effort into the site.  It’s excellent.  It uses geotargeting to land visitors on a relevant sub-domain where they can explore the park in more detail, plan a visit and learn about the dinosaurs on show.  The site also features pictures and videos from the movie and has a shop for merchandise like T Shirts, toys, even tickets to the film (this is where the geotargeting comes in).

Jurassic World Store - The Jurassic Park Website includes a Store where visitors can shop for merchandise

The attention to detail is superb – the site looks great on mobile as well as desktop – and there are a number of little touches, for example, there is another website again for the fictitious parent company called Masrani Global.

Product Placement

There will be a ton of Product Placement in Jurassic World.  Product Placement is when a company pays a filmmaker to include its products or brands in a film.  It’s a win/win – the brands get publicity – the filmmaker gets revenue – and it adds to the overall hype of the film.  Keep in mind that some brands enormous followings – the film will be able to leverage a wider audience by engaging with them.

Here are just a few examples of Product Placement in Jurassic World:


A number of vehicles used in Jurassic World are provided by Mercedes-Benz.  This includes the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupé, the latter of which will be making it’s debut in the film.


The trailer for Jurassic World shows a number of Samsung products, such as Samsung mobile phones and the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch:

Jurassic World Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung also have their brand associated with the Jurassic World Innovation Centre on the park’s website.


The Jurassic World website has a page about an imaginary resort called Hilton Isla Nublar Resort which claims to be “the only 5-star resort with a footprint in the Jurassic age” with 5,000 rooms (yeah, right!).  Hilton has even gone as far as creating a video about this resort:

American Airlines

The website also has a page on getting to Isla Nublar which prompts people to “Fly to Costa Rica with our partner American Airlines

Jurassic World American Airlines

Jurassic World Social Media

Unlike the earlier films from the series (which were made prior to social media existing) Jurassic World has been able to leverage huge exposure on social channels to promote the new film.  This includes accounts on Facebook and Instagram which count down to the release date to create buzz.

There’s always a bigger fish. The new trailer surfaces in two days. #JurassicWorld

A photo posted by Jurassic World (@jurassicworld) on

The film has also done a great job of promoting itself on other social platforms.  I follow a page on Facebook called The LAD Bible (as an aside, I wrote a post about why Facebook is shit and what you can do about it – if your humour is anything like mine I heartily recommend following this page to instantly improve the Facebook experience!)

You may or may not be aware that some social channels have a business model which makes money by promoting third party products.  The LAD Bible offers advertising options to reach it’s daily audience of millions of people.  I may not have ‘evidence’ that Jurassic World and The LAD Bible have entered into some form of contract but it’s the natural conclusion to reach when the LAD Bible is talking about the film over and over and over and over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a brilliant marketing technique and I tip my hat to the advertising people who will have engineered this.  You can drive very large quantities of web traffic via promotion on social channels (it’s just a shame this sort of thing only really works for B2C marketing – my business interests are all B2B!)

Jurassic World have also engaged in some crazy stunts to act as a catalyst to all this promotion, including putting a sinister looking crate in the middle of London’s Waterloo train station.

Which was opened a few days later to reveal some raptors…

London train stations have been filled with advertising for the new film.  Again, this is a brilliant example of social media marketing in action.

I love it when companies get innovative with marketing across various channels like this.  I have written before about campaigns like BA’s #lookup advertising campaign – ideas like this drive marketing industry forward in an ever-changing landscape.  It’s an exciting time to be a to work in marketing.

I should add that the budget for Jurassic World is much bigger than any of the previous films.  Estimations are in the region of $180 Million – this is double the budget of all other films in the Jurassic Park series.  Also, Jurassic World sees Steven Spielberg return as the film’s Director.

Admittedly there are only so many things a Marketing Department can control and a film’s’ Storyline, Budget and Director will fall beyond this.  But what I have highlighted in this post – the film’s release date aka product launch strategy, the product’s website, product placement and social media – are textbook examples of how to do everything right.  Whoever they may be I think the team behind the Jurassic World have absolutely smashed this promotion and I predict it will be phenomenally successful, a significant part of which will due to this campaign.

And if you want to watch the trailer…