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My Office – 10 Years On

office 10 years ago

I recently came across an old photograph of my office from 10 years ago:

My Office in 2004 - check out the slabtop computer!

I hated working in that office.

I shared it with 2 other people and a computer server. There weren’t any windows, so it was stiflingly hot in summer. The company couldn’t afford to have air conditioning installed.  Communication was poor and morale was suffering as a result.  We had no business plan, either.  And I was stressed.  Not happy memories.  But I always kept hold of a dream about where the company could be in the future.  I always knew our business was destined to be something special…

Here’s what my office looks like today:

My Office in 2014 - yes, that is Wii bowling on the screen

I love working in this office! 😀

Seriously, it makes me so happy.  It’s a nice office anyway but my appreciation of it is amplified by the time I spent working in the old office.

I have 3 large windows which keep me as cool in summer and central heating to keep me warm in winter. I have my own kitchen, meeting table, conference phone, loads of desk space and a comfy chair, plus a ton of IT equipment for meetings and presentations. Out of shot there is artwork on the walls, a business plan… even a sofa :)

ReAgent is growing rapidly, morale is high and communication is great.  We have an amazing management team in place (to whom I am immensely grateful) who deal with much of the day-to-day activity, allowing me to spend a large part of my time working ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.  And this is exactly as it should be (although in reality this is where many business owners fall down!).

If I could go back in time 10 years I would tell myself that the future is your own making.  I have put blood, sweat and tears getting my business where it is today. None of it came for free.  This bugs me sometimes, because when people visit my fancy office, they are only reading the last chapter of the story.

My old office is only used as a meeting room now.  It has air conditioning, so the temperature isn’t as bad as it used to be.