I am no longer actively blogging on this website.

New Project – Chemicals.co.uk


Last year I bought the domain Chemicals.co.uk (good domain, hey :-))  I bought if from a domain dealer called Giraffe who provided excellent service.  They have sold many other premium domain names including ink.co.uk, taste.co.uk and three.co.uk.

Today we launched a holding site on Chemicals.co.uk.  It’s nothing special, just a single page to say there is a website coming soon, but I’m really excited about what we have in store – obviously with such an amazing domain name you can expect an amazing website to follow.  The website is responsive, so it will render correctly on any sized screen, from a mobile phone to a desktop.  If the branding looks familiar it’s because we have based it on The Chemical Blog which is another website I created (with the help of numerous colleagues, I might add, to whom I am most grateful!).