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New ReAgent Video: Concrete Platform Demolition Time-lapse

demolition time lapse

We recently demolished a concrete platform at ReAgent.  This video shows about 3 days’ work condensed into 4 and a half minutes.

How Did We Make This Video?

We used a special time-lapse camera to record this video called a Brinno TLC200. Actually, we used two of these; you can see the vantage point for the second camera when we cut to it in the video.

We had a play around with the cameras beforehand to get our heads around how they worked. In the end we settled on taking 1 picture every 10 seconds. We also learned that a 4GB memory card isn’t big enough to film for 3 days, so we bought a couple of 32GB cards and put these in the cameras, along with some fresh batteries, before we started recording properly.

In all I am very happy with how the video came out. We are currently developing our main production unit so you can expect some more time-lapse videos to follow soon. Some of the projects in the pipeline include removing part of the mezzanine and laying a new floor – so watch this space!

Here is a picture of the cameras we used:


Note: there is a 4GB card in the picture above but we replaced this with a 32GB card in each camera